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15 Feb

I couldn’t help but love this! Hugs to Shelli & Wei 🙂


by Weusi

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day … So here’s a little love story (sort of … but not really … but could be!?!).

This year has kept me busy! I’ve worked gigs with America’s Got Talent, BET Honors, NHL Classic, the Portlandia Premier, and a few hip hop shows. I’ve been traveling for the past couple of weeks, so I have not spent much time with Shelli. Despite all of this, I don’t really get down with Valentine’s Day or many holidays.  I’m anti commercialization of love. This is also part of the reason I’m often pushing against the formalized business institution of marriage.

But recently I’ve been reminded (not by Shelli) that I’m in a relationship now and it’s not about me. And I’ve been given all kinds of advice about gifts I could get Shelli. Some funny, some serious, some sexy … most were good. But these suggestions…

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Happy (Day After) Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

ATTENTION SINGLES: It’s safe to come out now. Whew that was close… we almost didn’t make it, LOL! Because you’re reading my nonsense, I can only assume that you survived Valentine’s Day. I hope your sweetie/ bestie/ booski took time out to make you feel appreciated. But just in case he or she forgot, remember that Sham loves you! *HUGS*