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Random Awesomeness: India’s Natural Hair Journey

8 Mar

My friend Brittany shared this video w/ me & it was too good not to share w/ you. Besides, I know how much y’all love hair porn… ENJOY! 😉

via My Natural Sistas


FB Flashback: My first twist-out

23 Jan

As I stated before, my FB page was a blog of sorts prior to the creation of S.I.A.G. Today our journey down memory lane takes us back to April 2011… The twist n curl experiment.

I had been following hair blogs & forums for months, soaking up all the natural hair knowledge I could get my hands on. During my curl reconnaissance, I noticed that CurlyNikki’s Show & Tell: Fierce Friday pics consisted mostly of  twist-outs. Apparently TnCs & twist-outs were part of everyone’s style catalog but mine. 😦 At this point I was about 16 months into my transition to natural. I almost always wore (& still wear) my hair in a roller set, so I knew little to nothing about twists. Fortunately, me & Giovanni enjoy trying new things…

First I washed my hair with Elasta QP Conditioning Creme Shampoo. Then I detangled & deep conditioned with Pantene Relaxed & Natural Conditioner Breakage Defense Mask. I baggied my hair & sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes before rinsing w/ cool water. Before twisting each section, I applied a glob of Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner. I sealed my ends using Oyin Burnt Sugar pomade & slicked my edges back w/ Ecostyle Olive Oil gel. I had to use rods on some of the twists, b/c I still had a few permed ends that would not curl. It took me 2-3 hours to create 21 twists.


My hair was soaking wet at the beginning of this process. I sat under the dryer for an hour or so to speed the process along before bedtime. The next morning I set my twists free using organic extra virgin coconut oil. These are the results…


 Because I used regular conditioner, instead of a leave-in conditioner (YES, there is a difference) my hair felt very producty & had little to no volume. It was more crinkly than curly, so I wasn’t all that impressed. Then there was day 2 hair…

The experiment ends here. By the end of day 2, it was a hot frizzy mess, so I co-washed & roller set my hair, vowing never to twist it again, LOL! In my opinion, this style took too much time & effort to only last me 2 days. But y’all encouraged me to get back on the horse & my next twist out was PHENOMENAL! The second attempt was made on dry, stretched out hair, using an appropriate styling product in the proper quantity. What else was different? By September I had cut off the last of my permed ends. You wouldn’t think a trim had that much impact, but on naturally curly hair it makes ALL the difference in the world! So to all of you transitioning divas: HOLD ON… a change is gonna come! Growing out your curls/coils is only one part of the process. You also have to learn what to do with them! It can be frustrating, but if you take the time to experiment, you will eventually discover what your hair needs to look it’s best. Happy hair growing, styling & evolving!

These are my confessions…

11 Nov

Ode to The Snatchback

6 Nov

  Snatchback (noun) – a ponytail or bun with slick edges. The hair in the ponytail/bun may be either curly, straight or weave (if necessary). NOTE: this term is a “Sham-ism” so you won’t find it in Websters 😉


This hairstyle is one of the biggest reasons I opted for a long-term transition to natural. Before I started roller setting, I used to straighten my roots to match my relaxed ends. Then summertime came & the Alabama heat ended all of that! One day I read a post on Mane and Chic about Sarah Jessica Parker’s high bun. Kai talked about how during the beginning of her transition, her hair wasn’t long enough for a full bun, so she purchased wefts of hair & clipped them onto her ponytail to achieve fullness. Brilliant! So on bad hair days, or a hairwash procrastination day, I started to snatch it back.

To create the snatchback I dampen my hairline, apply a bit of gel & brush my hair back into a ponytail. I tie a scarf around my edges & finish getting ready, while it dries. Once it’s dry I undo the taut ponytail & replace it with a looser one. This gives my snatchback a sleek look without prolonged tension! NOTE: pulling your hair too tight can cause hair loss, not to mention tension headaches, so take it easy! The weft of human hair that I used to add was the Spanish wave texture; straight hair just didn’t look believable on me. I wrapped it around my own hair then stuck bobby pins in it to secure it. That’s actually my hair in the pics above, I didn’t take any pics of my phony pony, so you’ll hafta use your imagination 🙂

BTW, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with big chopping! I just preferred the style options that a long-term transition provides.

My Hair Story

6 Aug

Click here to read about my final chop!


The final chop!

29 Jul

My transition to natural is now complete! *THROWS CONFETTI*

Yesterday I went to get the last haircut of my transition to natural. For some reason I have been anxious about getting this last inch cut off… but I feel so much better after having done it. Y’all should have seen the lady who cut my hair… she was CLEARLY overwhelmed by Giovanni’s size & strength. I tried not to laugh as she struggled to pass her comb thru my hair, did I mention that it rained yesterday? *SMH* She earned that tip! I jumped down from the chair before she could sweep my discarded hair away & asked her if I could take a picture (because I knew that this was a moment I would want to remember & share). She gave me the side eye at first, then I told her my hair story. She said that she had often contemplated growing out her relaxer & I encouraged her to give it a try, & if she doesn’t like it, she can just perm it again.

My transition to natural was an arduous journey, to say the least. I could not have done it without the love, support & even death threats 😉 from my friends & family. Insecurities I didn’t know I had surfaced when I ceased to relax my hair. Self-discovery was a beautiful, albeit unexpected side effect of this process. I say this to you because I want to stress the positivity of this experience. Many natural sistas are militant & condescending towards transitioners & permies – THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! It’s just hair people! In this life, everybody’s just trying to get where they need to be & the quickest way to get there is to stay in your own lane. Just be the BEST at being who you are & encourage others to do the same. HUGE shout out to CurlyNikki, whose blog kept me motivated with hair tips & product info! Thru all my tears & tangles, I’m glad i did it!

SN: Thru my entire transition I kept an “emergency” jar of relaxer in my bathroom cabinet, just in case I couldn’t take it no mo’…LOL! I’m proud to say that it’s going in the trash today 🙂

BEFORE (last Sunday)

and AFTER (7/28/2011)

Stay tuned… I’ll be posting pics of my hair journey in the near future 🙂