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FOTD & Product Review: Spoiled Brat

12 Feb

If you’re looking for a festive (but not outrageous) makeup look for a hot date with your sweetie, please consider…

Click here to watch the video tutorial!

PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow in Pomegranate Punk (burgundy w/ gold sparkles)

SHADOW: I applied magenta e/s over my entire lower eyelid & smudged a bit of sparkly black e/s into the outer v to create a smoky look (both colors from the WNW Spoiled Brat palette). Then I used my pencil brush to apply frosty silver e/s (also Spoiled Brat) to the inner corners of my eyelids & matte peach e/s (WNW Greed palette) to highlight my brow bone area.

OTHER DETAILS… I used CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows & L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline & waterline with Wet N Wild cream liner in black.

LIPS: Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss in Peach Sorbet


Product Review

Price:            1   2   3   4   5   6   7    ●   9

Packaging:   1   2   3   4   ●   6   7   8   9

Efficacy:       1   2   3   4   5   ●   7   8   9

        Overall score: 6

The Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat trio consists of a frost-finish silver, a matte-finish black w/ silver glitter & a magenta-colored e/s in a satin finish.  Although I did not personally purchase this palette (it was a gift), it only costs $3! And that’s the regular price… what a steal! I have nothing good or bad to say about the packaging (hence the score of 5). In terms of efficacy I could only muster a 6. Why? You can get sparkly black or frosty silver e/s just about anywhere, but the promise of pink is what draws most people to purchase this palette. Ironically, the pink one was the poorest performing shadow of this trio. It’s less pigmented than the other shadows, it shows up darker than it appears in the pan & it has a lot of fallout during application. I’m not saying that it’s not worth buying… just don’t expect to be amazed by this pink. The black & silver e/s are both very pigmented, so I would recommend this palette. However if you already own these three colors there’s no need purchase Spoiled Brat.

Swatched on top of NYX Milk pencil (flash photography)


Tutorial: Spoiled Brat FOTD

11 Feb

Click here to read the FOTD…

A little inspiration…

3 Jan

I didn’t record a tutorial video for my New Year’s Eve FOTD, but I wanted to share w/ you the videos that inspired my look. ENJOY…

FOTD: New Year’s Eve

3 Jan

HAIR – These loose curls are the remnants of a dry roller set on jumbo rollers after several days of wrapping it at night. My bang area was looking kinda wonky (half curly/half straight), so I pinned it back & came up w/ this hairdo…

Now onto THE MAKEUP!


PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt

SHADOW: I applied matte pinkish-burgundy e/s (from the Shany 120 palette) to my crease, using my Sonia Kashuk crease brush & used sparkly, blackened purple e/s (from the Wet N Wild Lust palette) to deepen my outer v. Then I used matte peach e/s (from the Wet N Wild Greed palette) to highlight my brow bone. I used a flat brush to pat this pewter-ish glitter dust onto my lower eyelid. I’m 87.3% sure that it’s one of the LA Splash Diamond Dusts, but I don’t know which one. See I broke the original jar ages ago & transferred it to this generic container, so there’s no label. So let’s just call it “moondust” LOL!

OTHER DETAILS… I used Wet N Wild Arch Envy brow wax & CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows & L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline with Wet N Wild cream liner in black & my waterline with Ulta glitter eyeliner pencil in Silver. I also used Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Undereye Concealer (in CA8010for light to medium complexions).

CHEEKS: Black Radiance sheer finish blush in Soft Honey

LIPS: Lancome Color Design lipstick in Trendy Mauve + CO Bigelow lip gloss in Magenta Mint

FACE: Estee Lauder pressed powder in Deep (05)

Did you get glammed up this weekend? What’d you do to celebrate the new year?

Product Review: Wet N Wild Snow Sprite palette

7 Dec

It’s been awhile since the September Acquisitions haul, where I first mentioned this palette, but as with most things, my review is better late than never! 🙂 The Snow Sprite eyeshadow palette was part of the Wet N Wild’s 2010 Holiday collection. I randomly found it on the clearance aisle at my local grocery store for $1.24! If you stumble upon it, here’s what you should know…

  • Price: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Efficacy: 5 out of 5
  • Overall rating: 5 stars

The Snow Sprite palette consists of 6 shimmer & frost finish eyeshadows in various shades of green & blue, as well as a glittery silver mini eyeliner pencil. It’s hard to find fault with something that can be purchased using the spare change in your cup holder. So my only gripe is that there are no matte eyeshadows in this palette. If you prefer mattes, then this shimmerific, frostastic palette may not be the best choice for you. I bought it because I felt like I needed this shade of green in my life. If every other shadow in this palette sucked, it still would have gotten 5 stars from me because of how much I love this dark, shimmery green. It has become an integral part of my green cut crease looks (see Halloween & Thanksgiving FOTDs)… *dismounts soapbox* The Snow Sprite palette was my 4th Color Icon e/s purchase, so I’m pretty confident in the quality of this product line. Highly pigmented e/s for $5? Works for me. Thank you Wet N Wild for raising the bar on drugstore brand e/s… CoverGirl needed to step their game up anyway! LOL 😉

I applied the swatches over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte e/s primer, using a cosmetic brush. The colors are as follows:

  • shimmery midnight blue w/royal blue sparkles
  • bluish-silver (frost-finish)
  • silver (frost-finish)
  • shimmery hunter green – *LOVES*
  • light, yellowish-green (frost-finish) – a GREAT highlight color
  • khaki green (frost-finish)

swatches are tilted toward the light (NO FLASH)

swatches are tilted away from the light (w/ FLASH)

Last, but not least, a swatch of the eyeliner. I have nothing interesting to say about this liner, it’s just like any other silver sparkle eyeliner I’ve ever used.If you’ve never tried silver eyeliner, the holidays are the perfect time to give it a try. Applying a thin line of silver liner to your waterline will make your eyes appear brighter & more awake.

FOTD: Pewter & Purple Smoke

4 Sep

I love to chillax & watch movies on Sunday afternoon! Today I saw The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds (for the third time). If you haven’t already, you definitely need to see this movie. It’s super cute & Ryan is hottt!!! He’s also my birthday twin! BTW none of this has anything to do with my FOTD, just wanted to share, LOL! 🙂 Onto the makeup…

PRIMER:  NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

SHADOW: I used a metallic pewter colored e/s called “Twilight” by Ulta on the majority of my lower eyelid. Then I used matte purple (Shany 120 palette) on my crease & outer v. Using my Coastal Scents crease brush, I gradually added darker shades of purple to my outer v until I got the desired depth of color (Wet N Wild Lust palette). Finally, I used matte peach e/s to highlight my brow bone & matte off white e/s to highlight my tearducts (both from Wet N Wild Greed palette). Continue reading

Tutorial: Pewter & Purple Smoke FOTD

4 Sep

Click here to read the FOTD