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Product Review: Wet N Wild Snow Sprite palette

7 Dec

It’s been awhile since the September Acquisitions haul, where I first mentioned this palette, but as with most things, my review is better late than never! 🙂 The Snow Sprite eyeshadow palette was part of the Wet N Wild’s 2010 Holiday collection. I randomly found it on the clearance aisle at my local grocery store for $1.24! If you stumble upon it, here’s what you should know…

  • Price: 5 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Efficacy: 5 out of 5
  • Overall rating: 5 stars

The Snow Sprite palette consists of 6 shimmer & frost finish eyeshadows in various shades of green & blue, as well as a glittery silver mini eyeliner pencil. It’s hard to find fault with something that can be purchased using the spare change in your cup holder. So my only gripe is that there are no matte eyeshadows in this palette. If you prefer mattes, then this shimmerific, frostastic palette may not be the best choice for you. I bought it because I felt like I needed this shade of green in my life. If every other shadow in this palette sucked, it still would have gotten 5 stars from me because of how much I love this dark, shimmery green. It has become an integral part of my green cut crease looks (see Halloween & Thanksgiving FOTDs)… *dismounts soapbox* The Snow Sprite palette was my 4th Color Icon e/s purchase, so I’m pretty confident in the quality of this product line. Highly pigmented e/s for $5? Works for me. Thank you Wet N Wild for raising the bar on drugstore brand e/s… CoverGirl needed to step their game up anyway! LOL 😉

I applied the swatches over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte e/s primer, using a cosmetic brush. The colors are as follows:

  • shimmery midnight blue w/royal blue sparkles
  • bluish-silver (frost-finish)
  • silver (frost-finish)
  • shimmery hunter green – *LOVES*
  • light, yellowish-green (frost-finish) – a GREAT highlight color
  • khaki green (frost-finish)

swatches are tilted toward the light (NO FLASH)

swatches are tilted away from the light (w/ FLASH)

Last, but not least, a swatch of the eyeliner. I have nothing interesting to say about this liner, it’s just like any other silver sparkle eyeliner I’ve ever used.If you’ve never tried silver eyeliner, the holidays are the perfect time to give it a try. Applying a thin line of silver liner to your waterline will make your eyes appear brighter & more awake.


FOTD: Pewter & Purple Smoke

4 Sep

I love to chillax & watch movies on Sunday afternoon! Today I saw The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds (for the third time). If you haven’t already, you definitely need to see this movie. It’s super cute & Ryan is hottt!!! He’s also my birthday twin! BTW none of this has anything to do with my FOTD, just wanted to share, LOL! 🙂 Onto the makeup…

PRIMER:  NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

SHADOW: I used a metallic pewter colored e/s called “Twilight” by Ulta on the majority of my lower eyelid. Then I used matte purple (Shany 120 palette) on my crease & outer v. Using my Coastal Scents crease brush, I gradually added darker shades of purple to my outer v until I got the desired depth of color (Wet N Wild Lust palette). Finally, I used matte peach e/s to highlight my brow bone & matte off white e/s to highlight my tearducts (both from Wet N Wild Greed palette). Continue reading

Tutorial: Pewter & Purple Smoke FOTD

4 Sep

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FOTD: Teal/Turquoise Smoky Eye

20 Jun

A few weeks ago I saw the Love & Hip Hop Reunion show… Olivia’s smoky eye?HOTNESS!!! So you know I had to try it out…

Click here to watch video tutorial

PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: Black cream shadow from Claire’s 24 palette

SHADOW: I covered my lower eyelid in matte jungle green e/s, then I used matte baby blue e/s to brighten my tearducts & black e/s to darken my outer v (all from the Shany 120 palette)… BTW I also used turquoise e/s to blend the green & black shadows together. Finally, I used matte camel on my browbone (WNW Vanity palette).

OTHER DETAILS… I used CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows. L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lash line with Wet n Wild cream eyeliner in black. On my waterline, I used Ulta glitter eyeliner pencil in Silver.

LIPS: Carmex + Estee Lauder lip gloss in Rose

FACE: Nada


Tutorial: Teal/Turquoise Smoky Eye

19 Jun

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FOTD: The Pink Avenger

16 Jun

After I see a hero movie (such as X-Men, Spiderman, Superman) I always ask people “if you could have any super power, what would it be?” I can never pick just one, so these are my super powers of choice:

  1. The ability to fly… cuz planes are waaay faster than trains!
  2. The ability to become invisible (at will)… on days when I don’t wanna be bothered, I can just vanish!

How exactly am I supposed to save the world using these self-motivated super powers!??! *crickets chirping* I guess that’s why God made me regular…LOL

TANGENTIAL COMMENTARY: Have you ever seen the show Lie to Me? It comes on Fox. It’s about a behavioral analyst team who can detect whether or not someone is lying just by reading their facial expressions, gestures, ticks & body language. They use the powers of observation & deductive reasoning to help solve crimes. Now that’s a REAL LIFE super power I wouldn’t mind having!!!

*Now back to the regularly scheduled programming*

Naturally, I would wanna be called “Super Sham,” but then I remembered no hero ever uses his/her government name, so I chose the moniker “The Pink Avenger”…

<—— And this would be my cape…

And instead of a mask, I would wear some EYE-POPPING, PINK shadow like this  ——>

PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cherry

SHADOW: On the inner half of my lower eyelid I used matte bubblegum pink & I faded that into magenta on my outer lid (Shany 120 palette)… then I applied sparkly black e/s (WNW Greed palette) to my crease using my Coastal Scents crease brush. I used matte peach to fill in the space between my crease & my brow bone… & off-white to brighten my tearducts (also WNW Greed palette).

OTHER DETAILS… I used CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows. L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline with Wet N Wild cream eyeliner in black. On my waterline, I used Ulta glitter eyeliner pencil in Silver.

LIPS: Carmex +  “Stop Violence in the Home” lip gloss by The Body Shop

CHEEKS: Wet N Wild Blush in “Heather Silk”

FACE: Estee Lauder pressed powder in Deep (05)

Click here to view tutorial video