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Celebrity Looks: Purple Eye

21 May

Don’t you just love the color PURPLE?! (while I love that movie, I’m referring to the actual color itself… LOL) It’s feminine, yet strong… regal, yet accessible. Purple eye makeup is unique in that it can accentuate every eye color & any complexion. There are so many different shades of purple in the color spectrum & a wide variety of makeup options choose from (purple eyeshadow, pigments, glitters, eyeliners, even mascaras) you can definitely find something purple that looks good on you! So if you haven’t already, please give purple a try! *DISMOUNTS SOAPBOX & TOSSES MICROPHONE*

DO THE PRETTY GIRL ROCK! I love Keri Hilson’s purple smoky eye with black eyeliner & golden sparkles along her tearducts… Notice the way it makes her hazel eyes POP?

Tyra’s neutral makeup compliments her shimmery lavender eyeshadow superbly… *taking notes*

Rachel McAdams looks fresh as a lilac in her understated purple makeup.

Thandie Newton is minimalist in this version of the purple smoky eye… To re-create it smudge purple eyeshadow on your eyelid & waterline, line your upper lashine in black eyeliner, add mascara & GO!

I saw this photo in an Ulta sale paper & fell in love with their interpretation of a purple smoky eye… it’s smoky, yet spring-timey all at once!

Rihanna keeps it punk-tastic with her matte eyeshadow in electric violet!

So we’re not exactly celebrities, but we are wearing purple! My brother & were I up to our usual shenanigans on Resurrection Sunday… we were trying to create our own version of the Stepbrothers DVD cover… LOL!

Stay tuned for my interpretation of the purple eye…

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