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A dry flexi-rod set & my reflections

18 Nov


These are my confessions…

11 Nov

Part 2 – Dry rollerset using African Pride Moisturizing Lotion

9 Nov

Click here to watch Part 1!

Dry rollerset using African Pride Moisturizing Lotion

8 Nov

Click here to watch Part 2!

Ode to The Snatchback

6 Nov

  Snatchback (noun) – a ponytail or bun with slick edges. The hair in the ponytail/bun may be either curly, straight or weave (if necessary). NOTE: this term is a “Sham-ism” so you won’t find it in Websters 😉


This hairstyle is one of the biggest reasons I opted for a long-term transition to natural. Before I started roller setting, I used to straighten my roots to match my relaxed ends. Then summertime came & the Alabama heat ended all of that! One day I read a post on Mane and Chic about Sarah Jessica Parker’s high bun. Kai talked about how during the beginning of her transition, her hair wasn’t long enough for a full bun, so she purchased wefts of hair & clipped them onto her ponytail to achieve fullness. Brilliant! So on bad hair days, or a hairwash procrastination day, I started to snatch it back.

To create the snatchback I dampen my hairline, apply a bit of gel & brush my hair back into a ponytail. I tie a scarf around my edges & finish getting ready, while it dries. Once it’s dry I undo the taut ponytail & replace it with a looser one. This gives my snatchback a sleek look without prolonged tension! NOTE: pulling your hair too tight can cause hair loss, not to mention tension headaches, so take it easy! The weft of human hair that I used to add was the Spanish wave texture; straight hair just didn’t look believable on me. I wrapped it around my own hair then stuck bobby pins in it to secure it. That’s actually my hair in the pics above, I didn’t take any pics of my phony pony, so you’ll hafta use your imagination 🙂

BTW, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with big chopping! I just preferred the style options that a long-term transition provides.

What about his curls?

26 Oct

While browsing the annals of CurlyNikki, I stumbled upon this handsome fella. You can read the methodology for Curlee’s bantu knot out here. Jealous? Yeah, me too. My knot outs have never been anything to write home about. *whomp whomp* But looking at his gorgeous curls made me wonder… could you fall in love with (or at least be attracted to) your hair twin? We want men to accept us curls & all, but are we willing to do the same?

Naked hair?

19 Oct

During my daily browsing, I stumbled upon this splendiferous natural hair video. She states that she achieved this look without twisting or applying product to her hair, which makes me wonder what my own hair is like sans product. Do any of you sport naked hair? Please share by commenting below 🙂

Death to SSKs

15 Oct

I am one of those people who constantly plays in their hair. I can’t help the fact that my curls feel… well, HEAVENLY! Last week I was on the phone with a client, twirling a lock of hair, when I felt a tiny bump towards the end of the strand. What was that?! Upon inspection, I determined that it was indeed the dreaded SSK. So I did what any reasonable person would do… I grabbed my scissors & cut that sucker off! My coworkers thought I had lost my mind. I kept finding them, so I began conducting daily search & destroy missions 😦 *cue waterworks & violins*

Single strand knots (also called fairy knots) are just one of the many varieties of split ends. They can be caused by:

  • Thermal stress (heat styling)
  • Mechanical stress (excessive manipulation)
  • Chemical stress (hair color, relaxers, etc)
  • Lack of moisture (damage from the inside out) Continue reading

Roller set ramblings…

3 Oct

This is a video that I recorded back in May 2011, but for some reason never published. I have since strayed from some of the products in this routine (namely organic virgin coconut oil). Because Giovanni responded so well to it last Spring, I plan to add it to my Fall routine.

The main problem with PJ-ism is that you spend tremendous amounts of money & time testing out new products, hoping to find the holy grail of hair. Then you look back & realize it was there all along. Pray for me y’all! LOL

The Sing Off

27 Sep

If you’re into music, you should check out The Sing Off! It features choral ensembles who compete for $100,000 & a recording contract w/ Sony Music, by singing a capella (i.e. no background music, no instrumentation… STRAIGHT SANGIN’)! It airs Monday nights on NBC. Did I mention the eye candy host, Nick Lachey?! He’s been quickening my heart rate since 98 Degrees! *SIGH*

My favorite group is Afro Blue, a jazz ensemble from Howard University

I have a tremendous curl crush on one of their vocalists, Danielle Withers. She’s third from the left in the picture above. During last week’s performance she rocked a chunky twist out that was voluminous, yet swangin’ & her cinnamony hair color is TO DIE FOR!!! See for yourself…

Afro Blue’s performance in the season 3 premiere episode: