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She wants it all…

6 Jan

I have found that using oils, butters & creams right after a shower/bath, is the most effective method of locking moisture into my dry skin (primarily my legs & feet). Products I have tried & liked include (but are not limited to) shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, Eucerin moisturizing creme, Equate moisturizing cream, Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil gel, Vaseline cocoa butter vitalizing gel & Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. However I cannot use the aforementioned products on my upper body for one of two reasons: A) they’re too darn greasy for normal skin OR B) they just don’t smell good. I have yet to find a lotion/oil/cream that embodies both of the desired attributes. If you feel the same way I do, here is my suggestion to you…

Pour the scented lotion(s) of your choice into a bowl with your favorite oil/ butter/ cream(s). If you’re using a butter or heavy cream, you will need to melt it before adding to the mix. Stir this mixture until blended well.

Once the product is fully incorporated, use a funnel & pour it back into the lotion bottle. You will need a few extra bottles, depending on how many different products you added to the mix.


  • Use products that you’ve already tried & know that you like.
  • I mixed this batch last summer (hence the lighter products). Save heavy creams & butters for use during the winter.
  • There’s no exact measurement of product. I just use my arm to test out the level of greasiness during the mixing process. If it’s too greasy I add more lotion & if it’s not greasy enough, I add more oil.
  • If you plan to use more than one scented lotion in your mix, then be sure that the fragrances compliment each other (like coconut & lime, lavender & vanilla or jasmine & rose). Otherwise you’ll end up with a bizarre smelling lotion & that defeats the purpose of your efforts.
  • This method will produce a TON of moisturizer. One batch usually lasts me three months.
  • Sometimes the oil will separate from the lotion after it has been sitting on the shelf for awhile. Just give it a good shake before use.

Have you ever tried this method? What products did you use?