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Random awesomeness…

29 Apr

Barackness Monster?!? I died, LOL!

THE HILARITY! I love me some him…


It’s the thought that counts…

16 Dec

Jimmy Kimmel has done it again, LOL! Enjoy…

It kinda makes me wish I had kids, so I could subject them to this cruel & unusual torture. Click here to watch his Halloween challenge.

Where’s my candy?!

4 Nov

My mom loves to tell the story of how I used to hoard my Halloween candy. My brother & I would go trick-or-treating together, but we (naturally) kept our stashes separated. His candy was gone by the end of the week, but not mine. By conservatively eating one or two pieces at a time, I would stretch that goody bag out to Easter! Of course by then it was old, so I ended up throwing most of it away. Bizarre? Yeah, I know. But in the kid world candy is currency & I was loaded! After his candy was gone, my brother would come to me looking for a sugar fix. So I sold it, or traded it in exchange for favors. *hustling* I used to count it & EVERYTHING (just like money), so I knew if a piece was missing. And there was hell to pay if I came up short, LOL!

It ain’t a game Jimmy Kimmel!