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Tutorial: Hot curling

13 Jun

After having worn a fresh roller set for a day or two, I usually hot curl my hair. Why? Because the heat from the curling iron helps to press my roots & straighten my hair, without losing my existing curl. To maintain the style overnight, I alternate between wrapping & (dry) rolling my hair.

Tips for heat styling your hair:

  1. Deep condition your hair as often as possible so that it is properly moisturized
  2. Do protein treatments (as needed) to strengthen your hair
  3. Seal your ends with oils/butters to lock in moisture
  4. Use a thermal protection spray or serum before applying heat
  5. Ditch alcohol-based spritzes that will dry out your hair!!! Instead, use a setting lotion or wrapping foam on your hair ( while it’s wet)… it will have a similar effect without the excessive dehydration
  6. Use the lowest heat setting necessary to achieve your style. If you hear the curling/flat-iron sizzle & pop when you pass it thru your hair… IT IS TOO HOT! That sound you hear is the water literally boiling out of your hair shaft… NO BUENO!
  7. Limit the use of heat styling tools by using heat-free maintenance to preserve your style. If you wrap or roll your hair at night, you won’t have to re-do it everyday.
  8. Do not curl/flat-iron dirty hair.
  9. Clean your curling/flat-iron after each use… If you have burnt product residue on the surface of your iron, you’re reducing its efficiency & getting old nasty products (or dander) on your clean hair… EWW!

If you have any additional curling/flat-ironing tips, please share them by commenting on this post…