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Obsession: Feather Earrings

17 Aug

I’m usually not big on trends, but I have been infatuated with feather earrings ever since I saw Aria in these turquoise feather hoops on Pretty Little Liars! This show is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It has murder, mystery & love; all the key ingredients to a thrilling drama. Not to mention that PLL has the best-dressed cast of any teen sitcom, PERIOD. These chicks are friggin fly! Tune in to see for yourself & then maybe you can help me figure out who the heck A is… *I digress*

In this pic, Aria is rocking the asymmetrical earring look. Again… HOT!!! And on a few episodes, I noticed her wearing feathers in her hair. While this looks amazing in her (straight/ wavy) hair, I’m not sure how that works on a curly head, so Imma just stick to the earrings!


By now you know I’m ALL ABOUT doin’ it myself, & I live in the country (which limits my shopportunities), so I decided to buy some feathers & make a few pairs of my own earrings… You know what they say: “necessity is the mother of invention” & I needed these in my life, in a Tyrone Biggums kinda way. LMBO!