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Tutorial: Smoky Lemon Lime FOTD

22 Jan


Sham loves a sale…

26 Nov

I knooooow you see it *in my Yung Joc voice*

CS black friday

Click here to see the Coastal Scents products I’ve used in FOTDs

In case you’re wondering what I love most… The BLUSH TOO palette & HOT POTS (customizable eyeshadow palettes) are the bees knees!

If you have a broken makeup containers, CS sells cosmetic jars in an array of sizes (with or without a sifter). They also sell empty 26mm pans in case you decide to get creative & press your own eyeshadow. And of course they sell empty palettes that are magnetized to receive 1, 4, 12 or 28 Hot Pots (or another 26mm pan).

One of my good friends owns the CS 88 palette & her face is always beat. *coughs* Brittany, the glams & I are gonna need a product review in the near future – Please & thanks!

CS recently reformulated their eyeshadow primer. I haven’t tried it yet, but it has gotten some pretty good customer reviews. If you’re looking for an inexpensive primer, it may be the way to go. 

CS has an incredible array of cosmetic brushes as well. I own several & I bought my bestie this outrageous CS gift set for her birthday. It included 32 piece brush set w/ a leatherette case, the blush too palette, concealer palette & the 88 eyeshadow palette. *coughs* Nikki we might need a product review from you as well. 😉

And if you’re looking to buy ingrdients for some natural recipes, they also sell stuff like cocoa butter, shea oil, african black soap. Years ago I purchased some of their fragrance oils to customize the scents of some different lotions & potions.

The only stinker I got from CS was their gel liners, which I mentioned in my Dec 2011 & Jan 2012 Beauty Acquisitions video. I don’t know whether or not I received a bad batch, but ALL of my gel liner was dried out, so I never got to use it. I didn’t get to return it because of their 30 day return policy; too much time had elapsed between Black Friday & when I opened my gifts. 😦

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to promote Coastal Scents products. I am simply a huge fan of their product line. The overall quality & affordability of their merchandise, the speediness of their shipments & the frequency of their sales have earned my loyalty. Period.

FOTD: Wisteria Lane

8 Jul

Hey Glams! Please pardon my earbuds, I was undoubtedly listening to my Musiq Soulchild Pandora station when I took these pics & couldn’t bear to part w/ the tune of the moment. I’m not a huge shimmer enthusiast, but I wanted to show you guys some pics of a look I created using the WNW Petal Pusher palette. To minimize confusion, I will refer to the colors in this palette as numbers. The left column top to bottom (1-4) & the right column top to bottom (5-8).

PRIMER: Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte e/s primer

BASE: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple

SHADOW: I applied e/s #2 (a pinkish lavender w/ gold shimmer) to my entire lower eyelid, stopping shy of my crease. Then I applied e/s #4 (a blue-toned violet w/ silver sparkles) to my crease & blended it into e/s #3 (a deeper frosty purple) at my outer v. Finally, I lightly dusted e/s #5 (frosty light pink) on my brow bone area.

OTHER DETAILS… I used CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to fill in my eyebrows & L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my lashes. I defined my upper lashline using Black Radiance Continuous Creme Eyeliner in Rustic Brown. I applied white eyeliner to the inner part of my waterline prior to applying Atlantis (a shimmery chartreuse green e/s) by TheBodyNeeds.

LIPS: Lancome Le Rouge Absolu lipstick in Pink Diamond + CO Bigelow lip gloss in Pink Mint


And who doesn’t love a good love song? Enjoy…

Jan/Feb 2012 Beauty Acquisitions

8 Feb

No hard feelings, we keep it real in this camp 😉

FOTD: Tis the season…

21 Dec

This is me practicing my surprised face for Christmas morning…

PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

SHADOW: I covered the inner third of my lower eyelid in matte white e/s from the Wet N Wild Pride palette that I’m finally getting around to using. I blended the white e/s into a red mica powder that I made myself (using ingredients from I call it “Red Hot”!!! Next I used my crease brush to apply matte grassy green e/s (Shany 120 palette) to the crease area. This wasn’t dramatic enough for me, so I used my pencil brush to apply my favorite shimmery, dark green e/s (Wet N Wild Snow Sprite palette) along the border between the red & green, to cut the crease a little harder. I used a clean brush to blend the green into my brow bone area & then applied matte peach e/s (from the Wet N Wild Greed palette) to my brow bone.


OTHER DETAILS… I used Wet N Wild Arch Envy brow wax & CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows & L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline with Wet N Wild cream liner in black & Wet N Wild pencil in white on my waterline. I used a pencil brush to smudge green mica powder just below the waterline. I also made this e/s using products from Coastal Scents. I call it “Envy Me.”

CHEEKS: Ulta single e/s in “Sparks” on the hollows of my cheeks

LIPS: Carmex + L’Oreal H.I.P. lip gloss in Inviting

FACE: Nada

Stay tuned for a video tutorial of this look…

You thought I was gonna post “Deck the Halls” didntcha? PSYCHE! This song is waaay better. It gets you in the Christmas mood, even if it’s 70° & pouring rain outside! SN: Have I ever told y’all how in love I am with Brian McKnight? He’s my old man crush! 😉 ENJOY…

I almost forgot… Shout out to my FB friends, who also helped me name this FOTD.  Thanks for all the input, feedback & support! *SMOOCHES*

Loves a sale…

28 Nov

Santa’s bringing me a few Coastal Scents products for Christmas… What about you?!

Product Review & FOTD: Frigid

23 Nov
Frigid, by Urban Decay
  • Price: 3 out of 5
  • Packaging: 5 out of 5
  • Efficacy: 5 out of 5
  • Overall rating: 5 stars

I am GEEKED about this eyeshadow! Frigid, by Urban Decay, was part of my birthday stuff from Sephora. I would describe this shadow as a deep, royal purple with a slight metallic sheen. Because it’s a blue-toned purple, it can appear purple OR navy, depending on what other colors you pair it with. I reduced some points for price because I feel that $18 is a lot to spend on ONE e/s. However, I gave the packaging 5 stars because it has its own mirror inside & it features Urban Decay’s signature graffiti. I’ve heard a few people complain that the package is hard to open, but I consider that a bonus. After all, I don’t want to damage or spill any of my $18 e/s, LOL! In terms of efficacy, Frigid gets 5 stars because the color is very pigmented, yet blend-able & long-lasting. I recommend this e/s to you for the following reasons:

  • You cannot find this shade of purple @ your local drugstore. Trust me, I’ve looked! 😉
  • It might cost a grip, but it’s very pigmented, so you don’t have to use much to make a statement. Which means it will last you a really long time.
  • I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: Purple looks good on everyone, regardless of your eye color.
  • (Although this was a gift) I would definitely buy it again.


PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk

SHADOW: Coastal Scents sells raw ingredients, which enables you to make your own cosmetic products at home. Having said that, Sham’s Purple Punch (SPP for short) is a blend of Metallic Pixie Purple mica powder, Amethyst mica powder & Manganese Violet pigment. I covered the inner third of my lower lid in SPP c/o Coastal Scents. I blended that into Frigid by Urban Decay, which I applied to my outer v. Next I used matte peach e/s from the Wet N Wild Greed palette on my brow bone & matte pastel pink on my tearducts.


OTHER DETAILS… I used Wet N Wild Arch Envy eyebrow duo in brunette & CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows. Then I used Maybelline Falsies mascara in blackest black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline & waterline using Ruby Kisses HD gel liner in Teal Shimmer. I also used Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Undereye Concealer (in CA8010 for light to medium complexions).

CHEEKS:I used Ulta single e/s in “Sparks” on the hollows of my cheeks & Black Radiance sheer finish blush in Soft Honey on the apples.

LIPS:  E.O.S. lip balm + Maybelline Shiny-Licious lip gloss in Peach Sortbet

FACE: Estee Lauder pressed powder in Deep (05)

Tutorial: Smoky blue w/ a twist

13 Nov

Click here to read the FOTD…

FOTD: Smoky blue with a twist…

5 Nov

This look is very similar to the Starry Eyed Girl FOTD. I was really disappointed by Vicky’s Secret e/s I used in that look, so I wanted to try it again using different products. Besides, I needed to use my NEW Wet N Wild Pride palette (from the September Beauty Acquisitions video). I plan to do a few looks with it before I give a formal product review. So far it’s good, but I’m not  surprised; WNW Cosmetics really stepped their game up with the Color Icon collection. I hope y’all are in the mood for some blues & greens… LEGGO!

PRIMER: NYX HD e/s base

BASE: Grayish-blue cream shadow (via Claire’s 24 palette) & NYX Jumbo pencil in Yellow on my tearducts

SHADOW: I covered my lower eyelid & crease (excluding my tearducts) in shimmery navy blue e/s from the Wet N Wild Pride palette. I used Canary Yellow mica powder by Coastal Scents to brighten my tearducts &  cerulean blue (satin finish) e/s from the Black Radiance Retro Chic palette to brighten the center of my eyelids. Then I applied matte camel e/s to my brow bone (WNW Vanity palette) & matte black from the WNW Greed palette to darken my outer v.


OTHER DETAILS… I used CoverGirl single e/s in Smolder to define my eyebrows. Maybelline Volume Express “Falsies” Mascara in Blackest Black on my eyelashes. I defined my upper lashline with Wet n Wild cream eyeliner in black & my waterline with Ruby Kisses HD gel liner in teal.

CHEEKS: I used Ulta single e/s in “Sparks” on the hollows of my cheeks &  CoverGirl e/s in Meltdown Mauve on the apples of my cheeks.

LIPS: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip color in Sand Storm (913C) + Maybelline Shiny-Licious Lip Gloss in Peach Sorbet

FACE: Estee Lauder pressed powder in Deep (05)

Stay tuned for a video tutorial of this look…

Loves a sale…

22 Oct

This is the perfect opportunity to give Coastal Scents a try…