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Tutorial: Smoky Lemon Lime FOTD

22 Jan


Hair Porn: The T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh Edition

3 Jun

I first noticed T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh on That’s So Raven, but she was reppin’ #TeamNatural long before the “movement.” Have you ever seen such succulent twists? I am in awe… seriously! BIBS ON… let the drooling begin 🙂

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Dr. Keymáh authored the following…

What products do you use to keep your twists moisturized?

Celeb Looks: Brandy & Monica

12 Mar

Bran & Mo are the cutest besties in the world (next to Nikki & me of course)

Check out their new single entitled “It all belongs to me”…

Don’t you love their makeup? *snaps fingers* WERK!  Anybody who says brown-skinned girls can’t wear pink lipstick needs to take a look at this video. It makes me wanna stop, drop & go lipstick/ gloss shopping. And doesn’t Brandy look fantastic with curly hair?! She definitely needs to rock this look a bit more often. As far as Monica’s hair is concerned, I like long hair with ombre highlights, but I think a shorter, edgier haircut suits her better. Although I AM NOT not a fan of women caking grown @$% men with clothes, cars, rings & MacBooks… these ladies both look AND sound great, so I can’t help but love it!

And who can forget the night they won a grammy together? *tears*

FLASHBACK TIME! OMG I am still in love w/ Mekhi Phifer… LOL!

Celeb Looks: The Adele Cat Eye

22 Feb

If you’ve seen Adele perform, or heard her songs on the radio, then you already know how talented she is. Last week she tied Beyonce’s record as the only female recording artist to win 6 Grammys in one night. And at 23 years she’s the youngest artist to ever  do so; this record previously belonged to the late great Michael Jackson who was 25 when he won the Thriller Grammys. PROLIFIC.

My question for you is, have you ever stopped to notice her makeup? Chile her face is B-E-A-T! *snaps fingers* See for yourself…

Celeb Looks: The Cynthia Bailey Smoky Eye

10 Feb

I’m one of those annoying people who comment the aesthetic appearance of cast members when I watch a tv show or movie. I can’t help myself, it’s a disease… LOL! Cynthia Bailey’s face is so BEAT! Whenever I watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I get emotional over her makeup. Her signature look is a smoky eye that incorporates shades of gray, brown or blue. See for yourself…

Guess who’s a spokeswoman/model for Fashion Fair Cosmetics?

Fashion Fair Lipstick Ad

Feeling inspired yet?

Hair Porn: The Rachel True Edition

6 Feb

I have been in love with her curls ever since I saw The Craft… *SIGHS*

Is it hot in here?

3 Feb

A little chocolate to go w/ your morning coffee…

Read Wei’s interview w/ Malcom Jamal Warner (via Hairscapades)

Hair Porn: The Mari Morrow Edition

15 Dec

Maybe Santa can forgive us for indulging a little…

Ahh… I feel so much better!

“To dye or not to dye?”… that is the question

10 Sep

As women, we will inevitably become bored with our hair. Some of us chose to remedy that boredom with color…

I realize that most (if not all) of the women in these pictures are rocking hair that didn’t grow from their respective scalps, but you get the point. Besides, color can be damaging, so a weave (or wig) is a guilt-free alternative to dying your mane!

Your thoughts…?

Obsession: Feather Earrings

17 Aug

I’m usually not big on trends, but I have been infatuated with feather earrings ever since I saw Aria in these turquoise feather hoops on Pretty Little Liars! This show is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It has murder, mystery & love; all the key ingredients to a thrilling drama. Not to mention that PLL has the best-dressed cast of any teen sitcom, PERIOD. These chicks are friggin fly! Tune in to see for yourself & then maybe you can help me figure out who the heck A is… *I digress*

In this pic, Aria is rocking the asymmetrical earring look. Again… HOT!!! And on a few episodes, I noticed her wearing feathers in her hair. While this looks amazing in her (straight/ wavy) hair, I’m not sure how that works on a curly head, so Imma just stick to the earrings!


By now you know I’m ALL ABOUT doin’ it myself, & I live in the country (which limits my shopportunities), so I decided to buy some feathers & make a few pairs of my own earrings… You know what they say: “necessity is the mother of invention” & I needed these in my life, in a Tyrone Biggums kinda way. LMBO!