Sham loves a sale…

26 Nov

I knooooow you see it *in my Yung Joc voice*

CS black friday

Click here to see the Coastal Scents products I’ve used in FOTDs

In case you’re wondering what I love most… The BLUSH TOO palette & HOT POTS (customizable eyeshadow palettes) are the bees knees!

If you have a broken makeup containers, CS sells cosmetic jars in an array of sizes (with or without a sifter). They also sell empty 26mm pans in case you decide to get creative & press your own eyeshadow. And of course they sell empty palettes that are magnetized to receive 1, 4, 12 or 28 Hot Pots (or another 26mm pan).

One of my good friends owns the CS 88 palette & her face is always beat. *coughs* Brittany, the glams & I are gonna need a product review in the near future – Please & thanks!

CS recently reformulated their eyeshadow primer. I haven’t tried it yet, but it has gotten some pretty good customer reviews. If you’re looking for an inexpensive primer, it may be the way to go. 

CS has an incredible array of cosmetic brushes as well. I own several & I bought my bestie this outrageous CS gift set for her birthday. It included 32 piece brush set w/ a leatherette case, the blush too palette, concealer palette & the 88 eyeshadow palette. *coughs* Nikki we might need a product review from you as well. 😉

And if you’re looking to buy ingrdients for some natural recipes, they also sell stuff like cocoa butter, shea oil, african black soap. Years ago I purchased some of their fragrance oils to customize the scents of some different lotions & potions.

The only stinker I got from CS was their gel liners, which I mentioned in my Dec 2011 & Jan 2012 Beauty Acquisitions video. I don’t know whether or not I received a bad batch, but ALL of my gel liner was dried out, so I never got to use it. I didn’t get to return it because of their 30 day return policy; too much time had elapsed between Black Friday & when I opened my gifts. 😦

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid to promote Coastal Scents products. I am simply a huge fan of their product line. The overall quality & affordability of their merchandise, the speediness of their shipments & the frequency of their sales have earned my loyalty. Period.


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