Death to SSKs

15 Oct

I am one of those people who constantly plays in their hair. I can’t help the fact that my curls feel… well, HEAVENLY! Last week I was on the phone with a client, twirling a lock of hair, when I felt a tiny bump towards the end of the strand. What was that?! Upon inspection, I determined that it was indeed the dreaded SSK. So I did what any reasonable person would do… I grabbed my scissors & cut that sucker off! My coworkers thought I had lost my mind. I kept finding them, so I began conducting daily search & destroy missions 😦 *cue waterworks & violins*

Single strand knots (also called fairy knots) are just one of the many varieties of split ends. They can be caused by:

  • Thermal stress (heat styling)
  • Mechanical stress (excessive manipulation)
  • Chemical stress (hair color, relaxers, etc)
  • Lack of moisture (damage from the inside out)

To figure out Giovanni’s dilemma I had to ask myself “what have I done differently?” I don’t have a relaxer. I haven’t colored my hair since March. I deep condition at least twice a month. Yes, I do use a hooded dryer & a curling iron few times per month, but that’s nothing new, what gives?! Then I realized that it was that friggin blow out! Apparently Giovanni was giving me hell for pulling & stretching him & exposing him to ridiculous amounts of high heat. The adage “love your hair & it will love you back” is true & we had some making up to do…

RECOVERY WEEK 1 – I rinsed my hair in warm water. No shampoo, nor conditioner, just a scalp scrub & rinse. Then I DC’ed w/ Aussie 3 minute miracle & roller set my hair.

RECOVERY WEEK 2 – I washed my hair w/ diluted Parnevu shampoo. Then I poured about 2-3 ounces of extra virgin olive oil in my hair. I added Aussie DC on top of the oil, detangled it, put a bag on it & let it sit for an hour. I rinsed the oil/DC off with warm water & co-washed w/ Proclaim olive glossing condish, it to remove excess oil. Then I roller set it & went on about my business.

clean hair, no product, prior to styling

CONCLUSION – I’m almost due for both a protein treatment & a trim, so maybe my SSK outbreak was just an indication that I need to get it poppin. Those 2 actions always seem to reduce my amount of shed hair & split ends. I trust that this incident was a minor one, but you MUST pay attention to your hair. It will tell you if it likes/dislikes a particular product or styling technique.  BTW, Giovanni LOVED the olive oil rinse! I had enough oil left in my hair from the rinse, that I didn’t need to add much during styling. It was shiny, yet bouncy (not the stringy, oily hair effect that you would expect). And although I adore my brand-new, pink blow dryer, I’m putting it away now…. oh & I’m gonna try my best to keep my curl-twirling to a minimum. 😉

Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin!



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