M.U.G.’s Review of Shadow Worx e/s primer

14 Sep

I was browsing one of my favorite websites (MakeupGeek), when I came across a product review that I wanna share with you guys…

[Click here to read Bobbie’s full review]

Did Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte e/s primer ever crease on me? Sure it did. But ALL *I repeat* all of my e/s primers (including UDPP) have creased at one time or another, b/c there are many factors that play into the longevity of your e/s, which is why I use products over a period of time, to rule out the variables. Possible variables include:

  • Do you have oily eyelids? If so, then this primer may not work for you b/c it has a lotion-y texture. My eyelids are dry, so it worked well for me.
  • Did you have any lotion or moisturizer on your hands or face before applying primer? In my experience, it works best on naked skin, so wash your hands & face first.
  • How long has it been since you washed your face? Again, it works better on a freshly, washed face (within 1 hour).
  • Did you use too much or too little primer? Trial & error will tell you how much is enough.
  • Did you allow the primer time to set before applying e/s? A minute or 2 should do it.
  • Did you use too much cream shadow/base? Too much cream shadow will crease on your lids each & every time, regardless of what primer you’re wearing.

Don’t get it twisted! I’m not saying that Bobbie didn’t test the primers thoroughly before presenting her product review, I’m just giving you food for thought. Every product doesn’t work the same for everybody. You might try a product that I can’t live without & decide that it is complete garbage. There are so many brands & formulas of products that we can all find our niche. I’m just trying to keep things fair & balanced… #AC360Baby! 😉


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