Silly rabbit… Tricks are for kids!

9 Aug

I am one of those people with a very active dream life; I have one just about every night. Ever the drama queen, my dreams are in both Technicolor & surround-sound AND they typically involve some sort of  scandal or mystery or love affair… Like an internal lifetime movie network, LOL!  A few nights ago, I dreamt that I went to a hair salon for a wash & style, but ended up with a relaxer & a “Halle Berry” cut. SN: I absolutely love this hairdo. I think it looks great on her & a few other people, but not me. Anyway, the stylist spun me around in the chair to survey the fruits of her labor & I was stunned by my bald-headed reflection. I looked at her & asked “what happened to my curls?!?!” She laughed & said “they’re right here honey.” I looked into the  wastebasket & there was Giovanni. He had been reduced to a lifeless pile of brunette tendrils *TEARS* Let’s just say, I grabbed her shears & thanked her in my own special way… #MANDOWN!

Although my dream was obviously a farce (which means I’m funny even in my sleep) it demonstrates a common problem in the hair salon experience: ROUGE STYLISTS! You know what I’m talking about; You bring a picture of the hair style you want & he/she gives you something completely different… You ask for auburn-colored highlights & get brassy orange stripes instead… You ask for a trim or a “dusting” & get a full-blown (3 inch) haircut… And my personal fave: you tell the stylist that your perm is starting to burn & she asks you to wait a few more minutes while she finishes doing something tangential!?! I have low tolerance for this particular brand of foolishness, so I started doing my own hair long before I went natural. I just can’t see paying you to freestyle on my head.

Last summer I read an article on CurlyNikki about hairstylists who secretly perm natural clients’ hair to make it more “manageable.” They conceal the relaxer by mixing it into conditioner & skip the neutralizing shampoo, causing hair loss & breakage 😦 During my daily blog-browsing I stumbled upon a more recent post in 4 Us Naturals about this same issue… what is this world coming to!? Not that I haven’t considered perming my hair again, but to think that someone would do it without my consent is appalling! Click the links below to read the horror stories & consider yourself WARNED!

CurlyNikki: A ‘Relaxer + Conditioner’ Cocktail…

4 Us Naturals: Stylists mixing relaxer w/ Conditoner…

Save the curls, Save the world!


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