Special Delivery…

11 Jun

A few weeks ago I participated in the NYX anniversary mayhem! IDK if you heard… but NYX Cosmetics had a blowout sale in honor of their 12th anniversary. They’d planned to sell items @ $1.20 a piece for 12 hours (noon-midnight) on May 15th! AWESOME, right? WRONG!!!  They had such an overwhelming response to the sale, that it nearly crashed their website. The servers couldn’t handle the increased traffic, so a lot of ppl complained about not being able to place their orders online. As a peace-offering, NYX sent a coupon code to anyone who reported having trouble with the website for 50% off  everything + free shipping. Not as great as $1.20 per item, but still pretty good… Sham ain’t mad atcha, boo!

It took about 3 weeks for my package to arrive, but this was to be expected, considering the high volume of orders they had to fill in one week. I took this picture of the box & packing materials because I’m astounded at the pristine condition of my products. It was at least 100° outside & this box sat on my porch til after 7pm *hangs head in shame* Hey, I had a nail appt that day! When I opened the box, my pencils had not melted… hallelujah! They were wrapped in bubble wrap & surrounded by packing peanuts… If only all cosmetic companies were this meticulous with their shipping procedures. THANKS NYX 🙂

I purchased a tube of High Definition Eye Shadow Base & 3 Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils for $10.50 & saved about $15!!! #winning! NYX Jumbo Pencils are available at Ulta & random BSSs in my area, but they have a limited selection & they ALWAYS seem to be out of Milk… which is a staple product for me.

Milk – white


Cherry – red

HD e/s base – it’s a nude-colored primer (kinda like UDPP)

Product reviews to come…



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