Celeb Looks: Smoky Blue

19 May

These pics are living proof that blue eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop & face it folks: smoky eyes are just plain sexy. What’s not to love?! There are many ways to achieve a blue smoky eye, these are just a few examples… ENJOY!

Solange is smoking hot in a bluish-gray that extends to her lower lashline & look-at-me lashes! NOTE: When you wear subtle colors on your lips & face, your eyes take center stage!

This look demonstrates a linear gradation of blue to gray, using eyeshadows w/ shimmer finish & a nude lip. BTW, I'm LOVING the contour & highlight on her cheeks!

Beyoncé keeps it simple w/ this monochromatic smoky eye in sapphire blue (matte finish), peachy blush & sheer pink lip gloss.

Tyra looks positively "FEE-US" in this navy smoky eye & bold berry lips! I LOVE IT! BTW, I need these earrings AND this hairdo... LOL

  Stay tuned for my interpretation of the smoky blue look… 


2 Responses to “Celeb Looks: Smoky Blue”

  1. CHERYL May 20, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    I love the smoky eye and maybe I can master it at some point so when the hubby gets back, I can be “ooh la la” LOL!

    • Sham May 20, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

      Practice makes perfect… Attempt it now & then you can tweak & perfect it for later.

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