Gee willikers (Part 2)

14 May

I started out with a frizzy, curly fro:

I detangled my hair in small sections, added a little Cantu Shea Leave-in condish…

Then I rolled it up & went to bed. *Tangential commentary* Can we please discuss the fact that I’ve been wearing this eyeshadow for like 14 hours & it hasn’t moved?!?! #WINNIN!

This morning I pulled out my rollers…

Wrapped my hair & tied it down (to blend the roller parts)…

After I put my makeup on I picked it out & this was the finished product:

My thoughts… it feels slightly product-y, but it is week 2 (post-wash), so that’s to be expected. My hair is still kinda frizzy in the back, but that’s what the back of my head always looks like. Cantu made my hair smell heavenly & today it’s extremely soft to the touch. Who knows if the curls will hold, but I’ll keep a headband, elastics & bobby pins on standby just in case 🙂


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