Tip of the day: Clock it!

11 May

This tip of the day was inspired by a FB dialogue I had with one of my friends this morning. She finds herself waking up extra early so that she can do her makeup before work. I used to have this problem myself; there didn’t seem to be enough time for a my makeup & hair in addition to normal morning things (such as bathing, ironing my clothes & eating breakfast, LOL). So last December I asked Santa for a wall clock & I mounted it directly next my vanity in the bathroom(slightly above eye level, cuz I’m only 5’3) . It still takes me about 100 minutes to get ready for work, but now I have my eye on the clock the entire time. If you’re a perfectionist (like me :()… stop running late everywhere & buy yourself a clock! Time management will also help you measure your dexterity in a particular task. Case in point: it used to take me 60 minutes to roll my hair (wet) & now I can do it in 35. I know I’m a deft & speedy roller setter because of… MY BELOVED CLOCK!

This is my Better Homes & Gardens 10″ Scroll Wall Clock from Walmart 🙂 Ain’t it cute?


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