7 May

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s

I pulled my rollers out & put coconut oil on each section of hair. This is what it looked like @ that point… tightly curled, slightly puffy @ the root. Then I picked it out (using a wide-toothed comb) & pulled it up into a pony tail, slicked back my edges & tied a scarf around it. I left it up like that for several hours while I was house cleaning & stuff. When I set it free, it looked like this:

Although this hairdo meets standards as a curly fro, I was not going for this particular look this weekend. So, I fired up my barrel curling iron (1″ diameter by Conair) & curled my hair in sections. I used the iron to press out my wavy roots & curled my hair vertically instead of horizontally. I do this b/c my hair is cut into a lot of layers & it flips & feathers out more dramatically when I curl it this way. It’s still very curly, but they’re looser elongated curls with straight roots…

Normally I would stop right here, because this is the look I was going for. But now it’s bedtime! So I wrapped my hair & tied it down with a silk scarf & went to sleep. This morning I combed it out & fluffed it & this it what it looks like now…

So now you’re thinking “WOW SHAM! that’s a lot of work”…and you’re halfway right. It takes a total of about 4 hours or so to achieve this look, HOWEVER… it takes at least 4 hours to get your hair done at the salon, right? So to be productive, I just multitask & use hairwashing day to do household chores. Do you remember when a wash & set was $30? Ahhh, the good ol days! Well now they cost about $60 AND they charge more money if your hair is un-relaxed… NO BUENO! Doing your hair at home might have upfront costs (buying rollers, clips & utensils, a hair dryer & styling products), BUT it pays for itself within the first 30 days. By the way, this hairstyle lasts for 10-14 days, which is a GREAT return on my time investment. All I have to do to it is wrap (or roll) it every night. It only takes about 4 minutes to style each morning… that way I can spend more time on my MAKEUP! 

Well, I’m outta here people. Time to go see the one who gave me life! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 😉


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